somatic movement sessions


Moving for Wellbeing group sessions. Playful, safe and contained environments to explore our moving bodies. Deepening awareness of our own movement first, we then consider what it can mean to be in relationship with another. If you would like to attend a group or run a workshop in your area/organisation then do get in touch.


What do participants say?

The invitation to meet myself. It’s such a huge thing.

I feel seen, really seen.

She uses words like ‘less depressed’.

An awareness of how unused I am to having someone be open, honest, and authentic with me about what they are receiving from me and how I am affecting them. How delightful this is. How unaccustomed I am to doing the same.

One-to-One sessions

These sessions offer a more intimate and focused space for you to investigate becoming more present with yourself. With attention & listening as guiding principles, the co-creative relationship honours whatever is emerging; by holding, containing and celebrating each moment. Without judgement. An artistic practice, sessions cultivate a supportive, inspiring and safe working space where we meet ourselves and each other to move whatever wants to be moved. To shift. To change. To dance.

What can these sessions do for me?

  • Get you comfortable moving and dancing (again) in your own skin. We all did it as children!
  • Help release tension and stress either by exertion or rest. Learning to listen to what you, your body, needs. And answering it.
  • Give yourself the opportunity to engage in artistic practice. To value your own expression and creation.
  • Promote and cultivate self-care and rest.
  • Help process physical, emotional and relational questions/queries you may have. The body is our most efficient road into ourselves – we just have to start traveling…

What is somatic movement?

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