Inclusive practice

Inclusive practice and Access play a large part in my work – in professional, education & community environments.

I am very experienced in working with Deaf and disabled performers alongside performing SLI interpreters. Embedding the language of BSL into the whole piece is crucial to me in working with movement and the visual.

I am deeply committed to finding ways to make access creative & beautiful -to enhance the integrity of the work. This includes working with audio description, BSL, captioning, relaxed environments and alongside diverse casts.

‘How to do it better?’ was a workshop for Edinburgh International Festival led by Robert Softley-Gale and I in August 2019, which laid bare our investigations into Movement / disability and assumptions around these.

I have led and trained diverse professional companies alongside numerous inclusive community projects. I have initiated my own work in this area and brought my expertise to numerous other people/companies.

I am delighted to be part of ‘Inclusive Practice is Good Practice’ a film made by Parable Dance which brings together leading voices on inclusive movement and dance practice.