inclusive practice


Fiercely passionate about access to the arts and disability inclusive work, my experience includes inclusive community projects, training schemes and performance work. I work in special education colleges with participants with SEN and profound/multiple disabilities as well as on projects designed to promote cohesion between students from such schools and those from mainstream. I have led inter-generational, young adult and older persons projects in this area.  I love working with big groups and in more focused contexts with one or two students.

Previous collaborators : Beaumont College, Lancaster (more info), Create (more info) with Tower Project, Bede House and Sense, English Folk Dance and Song Society, Cargo Green & Philip Channells, The Little Angel Theatre Co, Knavish Speech Theatre Co .


I am also passionate about improving best practice for dance/movement artists and for members of support and teaching staff. If you would like to discuss training then do please get in touch. Typically, such a session(s) would be a mixture of practical work and discussions, and might consider:

  • How can I be most present? How to hear more by listening deeper.
  • Physical generosity & kinaesthetic empathy.
  • Protecting myself; knowing my boundaries
  • Finding the game
  • Challenging myself to do less

Image from More Creative – dance workshops I facilitated for Create (more info).