Credits / CV

Coming up in 2022 :
ORBITS, Director, Short film, BOP & Hugo Glendinning

Director :

DISCIPLES : R&D 2022, full production 2023. Stellar Quines & Pitlochry Festval Theatre.

Movement & Associate Director :

COME TO BED WITH ME, BOP, Zoom ; Covid 2020
PURPOSELESS MOVEMENTS, Edinburgh International Festival / Dir. Rob Softley-Gale
SONGS & DANCES OF DEATH, A Curious Invitation, London

Movement Director : 

AUGMENTED, National Tour / Dir. Rachel Bagshaw
ACT OF REPAIR, Scottish Youth Theatre National Ensemble / Dir. Brian Ferguson

MY LEFT/RIGHT FOOT, National Theatre Scotland / Dir. Robert Softley-Gale
THE NAUGHTY FOX, The Marlowe / Dir. James Baldwin
…IF WE’VE NEVER BEEN TO THE MOON?, The Marlowe / Dir. Andrew Dawson
GRAVITY FIELDS FESTIVAL, Rosa Productions / Dir. Jeremy James
ELECTRA, Bunker Theatre, Dumbwise / Dir. John Ward
DIGGING FOR VICTORY, Watermill Youth Theatre / Dir. Heidi Bird
DIDO AND AENEAS,  Festival Voices / Greg Batsleer.
GREENHAM; 100 Years of War & Peace, Rosa Productions / Dir. Sophie Austin
MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM, Southwark Playhouse / Dir. Simon Evans
MARIA DE BUENOS AIRES, Waterlook Vaults, A Curious Invitation
PURPOSELESS MOVEMENTS, Tramway, BOP * CATS Awards Nominee * / Dir R Softley-Gale
HURRICANE BOY, National Tour / Dir. Ellen Havard

R&D :
Elizabeth Newman, James Baldwin – Samuel Beckett Prize Shortlist, Boundless Theatre, The Egg Bath.

ROUGH MIX : Residency with Magnetic North 2020.
Inclusive Practice is Good Practice : featured in film by Parable Dance 2021.