social and folk dance


Growing up near Blackpool Tower Ballroom, it was inevitable that social dancing would become one of my big joys in life. Currently I am teaching and assisting in the following areas:

Jive/ Rock’n’Roll : link to class information

Learn how to 6 count Rock and Roll, Jive & Boogie Woogie! Basic steps, tricks and technique. I co-teach semi regular sessions in and around London with Jive scene sensation An Dres ; watch this space for up and coming sessions!

Ceilidhs and Barn dances

I call Ceilidhs for the hugely talented Climax Ceilidh Band : more info. An English Ceilidh band, our aim is always to throw one great big, foot stamping, arm swinging, grab you partner type of party!

Why not host a ceilidh in your school or community group? Barn dances have an incredible way of bypassing our inhibitions and having fun! I’m passionate about making these events inclusive so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you think you’re group may have additional access needs. Sessions to prerecorded music or working with a reduced band size can also be discussed. Contact me or Richard on the above link if you would like talk.

Undercover Ceilidh nights now starting at Jamboree in Limehouse (where?). Come and join us for the first one on Weds 14th October; it’s Ceilidh but not as you know it…

Undercover Ceilidh at Jamboree – more info

Traditional dancing

I teach regular and one-off sessions in traditional social dances from around Europe, covering couple dances such Waltzes, Mazurkas, Polkas and Bourrees. Where possible we always dance to live music. Classes can be taught on their own or in conjunction with a Bal – a perfect way to spend your evening. Get fit, socialise, listen to wonderful music and work on your dancing all at the same time! Contact me if you want to know more.

International couple & circle dances

In 2014 the Society for International Folk Dance (SIFD) established a Bursary Scheme supporting Dance Artist development within international folk dance repertoire. Designed by myself, Hannah Moore (more info) and Kerry Fletcher (more info), the Bursary scheme is now underway through intensive training sessions.

Suitable for enriching school curriculum as well as throwing parties in your local community,  international material truly offers us the chance to dance our way around the world! Sessions can be run stand alone or more frequently depending on the focus ; party? learning partner dancing? getting fit? These are social dances created for social events – guaranteed to get people up and dancing all together.


Medieval & Historical dance

Hosting a medieval themed event or would like to? People have been dancing as long as we’ve been partying so why not match the steps to the music. Easy to learn and social in nature, the medieval dances offer a great way to tie your themed event together. The historical repertoire also includes the Playford dances – particularly reminiscent of the Austen era and thus a great way to enrich student learning through some embodied cultural context.